Summer and Winter


Of course Wooden Boat Service is called not simply Wooden Boat Service. We have highly valued to the service aspect.
We take care of everything around your boat. If the winter is coming, we can take care of the following. We take care that your boat is coming out of the water. And stored with us in our dry company . We have created a separate area so that we can guarantee a safe storage of your boat. So you don’t have to worry about your precious possession.
The costs for storing your boat are € 45,-per square meter. Craddelrent is included in the price.


We also ensure that your boat is ready for the summer. Do you have the spring jitters already and you want to have your boat in the water? Then we will make sure that you can go whit out worries. We ensure servicing your boat. We also ensure that the boat is clean when it be put in de water. So you no longer need to clean your boat.
For the cost of maintenance of the engine please call and or email. See the bottom of the page.



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